Riv Inc.

Fine-Line Thick Film Printing Screens


Riv Inc.


We specialize in Fine-Line Thick Film Printing Screens catering to Hybrid Microelectronics, Flex Circuitry, Membrane Switches, RFID Antennas, Solar Cell Manufacturing and other Emerging Industries. Since 1986 we have dedicated ourselves toward reliability, high quality and prompt service. We have kept up with the growing demands of the industry by utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, using the highest quality material available and following our Total Quality Management System.

About Us

Established in 1986, Co-Founded by Ron and Ruth Rivard. Both originating from IRI (one of the first Thick Film screen manufacturers in the US.). Ron started there when he was 18 years old, worked his way up the ranks and managed 3 of their facilities across the country. Desiring to work for himself he and Ruth started Riv Inc. During Ron’s years at IRI people grew to call him and knew his as “Riv”. He carried that over to his new venture and Riv Inc. was born.

Now under the ownership of their daughter Tania (Who purchased the family business in 2012) has continued the Companies Philosophy of total dedication towards its customers. Focusing on Quality and Service. Riv Inc. staff has over 100 aggregated years of experience in the manufacturing and technical knowledge of Precision Printing Screen. Letter from new management


Helping you print with quality since 1986


Our Strengths:

  • Speed – Our standard delivery time is 3-5 days. We also offer 24-hour deliveries for the super rush jobs, with NO premium charge.
  • Experience – Our technical staff has a combined total of over 70 years. We are always eager to answer any questions our customers may have.
  • Quality – Our Quality is A+. We deliver consistently high-quality screens.

Our Mission

Continue growing through product Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Our focus is on training, process control and customer participation for continued results.

Our Philosophy

Our Quality Philosophy is based on total dedication toward customer satisfaction, utilizing a continuous improvement approach with a focus on prevention.