sidebar5_12Riv Inc.’s emulsion is coated directly on the mesh while in a liquid state. This gives a very strong bond of emulsion to mesh for excellent printing life.

Emulsion coated in any thickness, from .0001 to .0020″, in .0001″ increments. Emulsion thicknesses above .0020 inches have a tolerance of plus or minus ten (10) percent of emulsion thickness, unless otherwise specified. The maximum direct emulsion thickness available is .020 inches, which is more than adequate for surface mount solder masks.

Riv recommends you order emulsion thickness in “Overall Thickness” rather than “Emulsion Thickness”. Overall Thickness represents the total thickness of both the mesh and emulsion buildup. This allows us to accommodate nominal variations in the wire mesh thickness.

Riv’s emulsion, “W”, aqueous solvent polymer is our finest emulsion ever. The deep blue color gives better contrast for alignment registration and the diazo sensitizer exposes faster than any other emulsions tested.

The line definition is the best and two mil lines and spaces are achievable with emulsion thicknesses from .0001” to .0005” as a standard product. The line edges are sharp with minimal undercutting.

Riv Inc. polymer emulsions are impervious to most solvents and can be used in aqueous cleaners. Our emulsions are formulated to give you the best mix for definition, abrasion wear, solvent resistance and water resistance.



“Easy” as 1,2,3:
• Send us your existing film positive or email a .dxf, .dwg. or .gbr file of your design. We will generate your artwork.
• We will Expose and develop your screen
• Send you your screen Complete ready for the printer. (We ask that a photocopy of the film/file be supplied either by fax or accompanying your film in order to verify:
- right reading
- orientation (alignment in frame)
- areas to be blocked-out so that they do not print



“Easier” than 1,2…
• Riv sends you Sensitized screens for your own exposing and developing. From Packet to printer in less than one hour.


Developing Riv’s Screens:

• Fold a piece of “#810″ scotch tape in half; adhere to film positive.
• After exposure remove tape, under the Fold you should see a slight tint of green, while all other parts of emulsion have turned blue (accept your image of course, which remains green).
• If under the Fold is blue like the remainder of the screen, the emulsion is slightly over exposed, next time expose 15 seconds shorter.
• If the whole screen is still a tint of green after exposure, you have underexposed the screen.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at anytime, we’d be happy to walk you through this simple test.


CAD/Artwork & Photo

Riv Inc. has complete capabilities for artwork, photo contacts, photo reductions, photo enlargements and step & repeats. Artwork can be generated from start to finish by Riv Inc. from your print or supplied by you in any form. You supply the drawing, the one-to-one film positive, or any step in between. We take it from any stage.